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What is LibreSticker?

 LibreSticker is the sticker you put on your Freestyle Libre sensor * - to make it a little more fun and show more of your personality.

- Maybe a fun gift to someone you care about?

The manufacturer of Freestyle Libre sensors has chosen to produce them in one single color ...      ...and this is where we at LibreSticker come into the picture!


- Choose Your color and Your pattern on life!

Our stickers are perfect for your round sensor - diameter of 27 mm, with a punched hole in the center (4 mm). You choose if you want to leave the hole open.

  • Order different varieties

With us, you order as many stickers as you like - of different varieties. We print them and send home to you within 3-5 business days. 

  • High quality

Our sticker-material is of high quality, which makes it possible to swim, shower, etc.


  • Environmentally friendly plastic

Our stickers are printed on an environmentally friendly plastic ** at a specialized label printing company in Sweden.


  • We have a secure payment method


Welcome to order your stickers in our webshop!


/ LibreSticker-crew!

* A Libre sensor is a completely revolutionary way in which Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics can measure their blood sugar without having to prick their fingers. Instead of pricking, you have a thin button attached to your arm for 14 days. Then you can get the current glucose value + an arrow showing the blood sugar level on your way + 8 h history. Fantastic - don´t you think? 

** Our sticker are printed on the environmentally friendly PP (Polypropylene) plastic. (Read more at


Freestyle Libre
Freestyle Libre with LibreSticker

Perfect fit for the Freestyle Libre-sensor!

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